Chip in to help Michelle build a stronger community in Lockport, NY 14094. When we work together, magic happens. Find out how you can get involved and start making a difference. Your support is important and valuable to Michelle as she represents you as Mayor. There are many ways to participate in her efforts to effect change. Whether you would like to volunteer your time or expertise, every little bit that you dedicate helps tremendously.



Every Wednesday- 5:00 pm

           Committee of the Whole (COTW)- Work Session- This is the time items are discussed.

                  Municipal  Building; Live & On Demand; Spectrum Ch. 1303; Radio 90.9 FM   

The First and Third Wednesdays- 5:30 pm

          Common Council Meetings- This is the time the resolutions are voted on.

                   Municipal Building; Live & On Demand; Spectrum Ch. 1303; Radio 90.9 FM              

First Monday- 5:30 pm-

         Police Board Meeting- M-24 municipal building

First Monday- 4:30 pm

         Planning Board Meeting- starts in M-24 then moves to Chambers

Second Tuesday- 5:00 pm

           Fire Board Meeting- room M-24 in the Municipal Building

Second Thursdays- 6:30 pm

         Human Relations Commission meetings- m-24 city hall

Fourth Mondays- 5:30 pm

          Zoning Board of Appeals- Chambers

Fourth Wednesdays- 6:30 pm

          Citizens' Advisory Committee Meetings- m-24 city hall



Lockport, NY 14094, USA

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