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A Passionate Mayor Committed to Community

Michelle (Richter) Roman has been mayor for the City of Lockport since her win in the special election of 2018 and again in 2019.  She  is, and has always been, a go-getter. She has always set her standards very high, and continues to use these same standards to fight for positive change, as the mayor of her hometown of Lockport, NY.  Michelle was born and raised on Niagara St. as the youngest of nine to Bill and Katie Richter.  Michelle and her husband, Derek, raised their sons, Joshua Richter and Derek Jr. from their home on Cherry St.                                                                                                                             Michelle is a 20+ year veteran public school teacher devoted to advocating for students and their families.  She holds the public interest very close to heart and believes a strong community is supported by strong, compassionate residents. Michelle is an active member of the local VFW Auxiliary Post 2535, as well as a volunteer for our public flowers and gardens.  She understands what it takes to work together to create a positive impact.  Michelle is passionate about being a part of our local community and advocating on behalf of her neighbors throughout the city. She continues to fight hard to bring transparency to the local government, by including more representatives of our neighborhoods and wards to committees and boards. She creates and implements ways that enhance our neighborhoods through beautifying our streets and parks.  Michelle believes collaborating with city unions and department heads, residents and business owners, as well as community organizations and other government agencies improves city services.  Please explore the site to find out more about Michelle Roman and her vision for change in our community.

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