Plans for Moving Forward in the City of Lockport

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I will continue to be fully committed to my duties of city of mayor and work diligently with the citizens of our great city to share the decision making with all vested parties (residents, elected officials, unions, department leaders, workers, staff, community organizations, small and big business leaders) Our community is growing stronger with a brighter future because of volunteers, community organizations, city businesses, and our city workers.  Together we will make Lockport's future obtainable and sustainable for all of our residents in every ward.

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We are working toward a Lockport that is a vibrant and healthy community. One in which we have a viable system of transportation that is more accessible to not only employment, but city services and community events. We have started this through our partnership with the Discover Niagara Shuttle, which will expand their FREE services in the spring and summer of 2022.  Safer streets with police, fire, and city workers participating in our communities and building sound infrastructure including water/sewer drainage, healthy trees, and a park system that creates a positive environment for our youth and families to gather.  We have started this not only with the council's approval of $275,000 in capital projects in our city parks, but also in obtaining grants totalling over $550,000 for our new and improved permanent concrete skatepark that will be complete by the fall of 2022.  


Our city government is citizen-centric and listens to the residents, small business owners, community organizations, city officials, public employees, and collaborates with the county, state, and federal agencies to improve our quality of life.  The stakeholders of our community work together to create and maintain a city that is inclusive of all residents and welcoming to visitors in all areas, not just downtown and along the canal. We have been able to procure more grants to help small businesses of 5-25 employees, as well as through micro grants for small businesses up to 5 employees.  We have been able to get grants for first time home buyers to purchase their homes in the city of Lockport, as well as grants to help with home improvements.  We have received grants to help local organizations like the Dale Association and others as they struggled through COVID. 


Community coalitions will allow us to move forward together through positive action like in areas of affordable housing, improvements of current housing conditions, and dealing with derelict or abandoned properties and beautifying public spaces.  More citizen involvement on committees that are representative of the community promotes a vested interest in the community.  Residents will become invested in the city and build public trust while addressing the needs of every citizen. Providing equitable services to all neighborhoods at all times, also demonstrates that every citizen matters and builds a sense of pride in the community.


These are areas that we have started to address and will continue to build upon, as long as I have the honor of serving as mayor for our wonderful City of Lockport.  I believe a stronger Lockport is made possible through stronger resident voice.


With a new council we have an opportunity to improve our noise ordinance, develop a vacant property registry, and other critical areas that are of concern to the quality of life for our residents.  We can also see the completion of several projects already in the works like the comprehensive plan update, updating the zoning code, installing a generator at our raw water pump station to secure fresh water no matter the weather or power outage.  We continue to improve our water and sewer infrastructure, as well.