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Issues: Project


Addressing Issues

Making a Difference



  • Community Engagement

  • Fiscal Stewardship

  • Excellent Planning and Infrastructure Development

  • Economic Vitality

  • Youth and Families First

  • Public Safety

  • Partnerships with Mayor, City Council, City Department Heads, City Unions, and Citizens

  • Partnerships with local governments, county government, state government, and federal government 

Participation and Transparency


  • Updated city website 

  • Fiscal Stewardship- more transparent budget process and open access to budget

  • Ask the Mayor on public access TV- 

  • Open work session and council meetings live and on demand 

  • Community Engagement on Public Safety- 
    Open community meetings with police
    Easier ways to connect through apps like the  
    STOPit Download STOPit Today! Access Code: LockportPDTips 

  • Partnerships with Mayor and community members, organizations, and businesses

  • Open process for volunteering on committees and boards

Making a Difference


Mayor Roman upholds many core values, one of them being the fight for social justice where it is needed. We need to live in a society where people do not merely support positive change, but work together to create it. Read on to learn more of the issues facing our community and how we can to overcome them.

Forest Trees

Community Livability

Issues: Project

Michelle is proud to support and push for change throughout the community to improve our environment. One project she fought to bring back was the Tree City USA status to the City of Lockport to give us greater access to grants and funding to take care of our aging and diseased trees. Trees promote a healthier and safer environment for our residents, as well as, improve energy efficiency and beautifying our neighborhoods. The city did earn the designation in 2018, which is one positive result to come from our run for city council in the 5th ward in 2017.  As mayor, Michelle has continued to build upon this with continuing with a diverse tree committee,  brought transparency to the process of the tree list and created a comprehensive plan for taking care of our trees in the city. We also want to work towards developing funding resources needed to help our city workers while they continue their work for improving our streets, trees, sewers, parks, and neighborhoods.  Since becoming a Tree City USA the city has been awarded tree grants from the NYSDEC to do an inventory of the city trees, create a web based list of trees by type, condition, as well as a comprehensive plan to address them.  The city has also been awarded a $50,000 grant to remove the 18 most dangerous trees and the city's tree crew is taking down over 100-150 trees per year.  Most recently we earned a USDA grant to plant 100 trees in the city to begin replacing all of the ones we have lost due to disease.  The tree issues and how they have been addressed in the last three years are only one example of how Mayor Michelle Roman is addressing the issues we have citywide.  The key to making positive change is to include the residents in every step of the process and creating viable plans to move into the future. Communicating, cooperating, and collaborating with the Mayor, City Council, City Department Heads, City Unions, Community Members, Business Partners, and Government Partners to improve our infrastructure and future viability of necessary city services.

Participation and Transparency

When Michelle was running for mayor Roman she was pushing for change, and since then has doing everything she can to see a more transparent government that includes more inclusion of residents in the decision making process.  Our residents should be able to easily access information on all issues pertaining to city government and services and she has made sure the city website it updated with not only information to contact the various departments, but also forms you can use, the ability to pay bills on line, along with continuously updating agendas and minutes of the not only the common council, but the various boards and committees. Mayor Roman also began to have all work sessions recorded live, along with the Planning and Zoning Board meetings.  We support Public Participation in the budget process, including allowing residents to make proposals for projects and having a say. More residents from each ward are representatives on committees and boards. The mayor promotes openings on boards and committees and requests for volunteers. One of the first steps Mayor Roman took was the re-establishment of key committees like the Human Relations Commission that are already mandated in the city charter, as well as a Citizens Advisory Committee. The city has made improvements on their website by including livestreams of both work sessions and council meetings, as well as accessibility to view them live and on demand at (no cable or satellite needed for access), Spectrum channel 1303, and FM radio 90.9.                   

Click on the title "Transparency" above for a quick youtube video discussing the importance of transparency in our government. Learn more and join the cause today.

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