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Michelle's Commitment to the Duties of the Mayor

A very long tradition in the history of our city (over 100 years) is that the office of mayor is occupied by a resident having other obligations and means of making a living. All previous mayors met the demands of the city and represented our residents, even when our city had thousands more people and many more businesses of all sizes. The position was never meant to be “full-time” and no ordinance has ever been adopted to make it so. The mayor our city elected in 2003, 2007 and again in 2011 was first elected while having a full-time job with GM. That person decided to work full time as mayor and retired from his employment. Yet, interestingly, no mayoral duties or responsibilities were adjusted, modified or added to reflect full time dedication to the role. Of course, one change that officially reflected this was the increase of the pay to $43,800.

Everyone in this community realizes that the mayor’s job is a big one, but it doesn’t require that the person should have to give up his/her livelihood and means of taking care of his/her family. Lockport’s mayoral duties are listed in our city charter, but our mayor needs to not only be able to commit to executing these duties, we need someone who inspires, motivates and listens to EVERYONE not just those that have good connections with the movers and shakers. The next leader we choose needs to communicate a vision shared by the residents coupled with the ability to execute on that vision and move our city forward. We also need a leader who understands how public policy, public safety and city finances work. We need someone who will stand up for our community and fight to make us better. We need a fearless, passionate and smart leader. I can tell you that I am trustworthy, honest, ethical, and compassionate, but, the true test will be that my actions need to speak louder than my words.

I understand the importance of regional and local economic development and the need to embrace new ideas for renewal and revitalization. I have a vision for our community’s future that embraces collaboration. Lockport has an abundance of smart and talented people that believe in our community and want to help build a prosperous and sustainable future for every resident. Having these diverse community members from every ward on committees, boards, and commissions will allow for the development of ideas and policies that will benefit our city and represent a far broader spectrum of the population…. providing a voice for everyone. As mayor, I will work with others to create and execute ideas and policies that will benefit our entire region and enable our city to thrive. Sometimes the decisions made will not be popular, but I will always communicate the decision-making process that leads to all decisions. Being mayor isn’t an easy job, some say it can be a thankless job at times. That doesn’t deter me, I’m not running to be given thanks and praise. I have a vision of a Lockport that reflects the diverse and dynamic relationships that are found throughout the city. I believe that showing respect to every resident through actions and earning their confidence through producing positive results, is thanks enough. I know that there is a better Lockport in our future, one that will enable our children and grandchildren to want to live here and enjoy life in the finest little city in New York State.

So, to anyone who suggests to you that I am mis-guided in asserting that the mayor of Lockport need not and should not be a full time position, tell them: “elect Michelle Roman, she’ll show you.”

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