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Roman Announces Bid for Re-election


MICHELLE ROMAN ANNOUNCES BID FOR RE-ELECTION AS MAYOR Mayor Michelle Roman announced her candidacy for re-election for mayor of the City of Lockport. “My love for our community has only increased while serving the people as mayor over the last four years. During my time as Mayor, we have made great strides in improving the quality of life of residents, taxpayers, and visitors through improvements in streets, trees, and parks,” said Roman. “–Nevertheless, we still have more to accomplish.”

Mayor Roman was elected in the special election of 2018 to complete the term of the former mayor, who resigned with over one year left to serve. Mayor Roman hit the ground running that year and accomplished a large number of goals. She was later elected, overwhelmingly, to a four-year term in 2019. “We have expanded government transparency by opening access to meetings, including council work sessions, council meetings, planning, and zoning boards on LCTV,” said Roman. “We have improved the website and social media to include information for access to services, as well as publicized documents that support the decision-making process for key issues presented to the common council,” she added.

Under Roman’s leadership, the City has been awarded millions of dollars in grants and funding to meet the growing needs of our community and honoring our rich past. Over the past four years, the Mayor has made both public safety, and improving City infrastructure, a priority. In fact, under the Mayor’s leadership, the Fire Department will soon begin operating a much-needed ambulance service, at no expected cost to taxpayers, scheduled to begin by March 2023. “Our community deserves critical emergency management services, including using our first-rate paramedic personnel in the fire department.” Roman said, “Not only is this a lifesaving program, but it also helps our property owners and businesses make the decision to move into, and stay, in our City.”

Roman, lifelong resident of Lockport, continues to support local businesses and organizations at the City level, as well as through volunteering. She resides on Cherry Street and has raised her sons, Joshua and Derek, Jr. with her husband, Derek. She is a graduate of LSHS, NCCC, SUNY Brockport, and SUNY Buffalo State with a MS degree in Exceptional Education. She is a public-school teacher, union member, and an active member of the VFW Auxiliary 2535. She continues to volunteer with the City’s parks and gardens with her eldest son.

“You can learn more about Mayor Michelle Roman and her campaign by liking us on Facebook at: romanforlockport and the website:,” concluded Roman for Lockport.

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